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Meriva VXR Tuning

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Meriva VXR

Meriva VXR Tuning Packages

All our Meriva VXR remapping is carried out serially, through OBD II/diagnostic port directly into the vehicle's ecu.
All our maps are bespoke written for us to suit your requirements. If your car does not fit into the categories listed, for example you have a different exhaust configuration, we can and will write a bespoke map and tailor it to your vehicle.
Courtenay Sport Stage 1*
We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first. Then Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows. Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.
Power and Torque Graph

Power and
Torque Increases
Click Here

£540 Fitted including Rolling Road Set Up
Meriva VXR Engine

*Stage One Remap with Front Pipe.
For customers wishing more from the Stage One Remap but who do not wish to opt for a full exhaust system, the addition of a high flow front pipe can be specified. We will remap to take full advantage of this which will give additional power and torque for further driveability enhancement. Front Pipe £235.00 Fitted

Power and Torque Graph Power and
Torque Increases
Click Here
Front Pipe and Remap
£775 Fitted
Rolling Road Set Up
High Flow Panel Filter.
We also suggest the addition of one of our High Flow re-useable Panel Filters £34.95. Buy Now Click Here!
FREE fitting as part of a Stage upgrade.


We recommend the use of Shell V-Power 99 RON, or a similar Super Unleaded fuel, on all remapped vehicles for optimum performance.

Courtenay Sport High Flow Front Pipe

The Z16LER turbo engine is fitted with 2 cats - a pre-cat and a main cat. Our performance front pipe replaces the original restrictive pre-cat. This is only required to be fitted to the vehicle up until the point of 1st registration, as the main cat still ensures the vehicle will meet all MOT emission regulations. The new front pipe is made in stainless steel, and by smoothing the bend radius and removing the cat, we have dramatically improved the flow through the unit. Our front pipe also features both a stainless steel 3 bolt flange and stainless steel spun end. Our performance front pipe will give a typical increase of around 6 - 8.

Courtenay Sport Pre-Cat Pipe £182.85 Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Pre Cat Replacement Pipe

Courtenay Sport Panel Filter

Courtenay Sport High Flow Panel Filter Our high flow, high efficiency air filter uses a special foam which gives better airflow than even the most popular cotton gauze aftermarket filters. Our filters offer the very highest level of dirt retention and protection (Of course! After all we're engine builders!) and you can clean it and re-use it just like most other performance filters.

Each filter is supplied pre-oiled and ready for first use. For cleaning, simply wash out the underside of the filter using warm water and washing up liquid until clean, rinse through from the top to the bottom of the filter, allow to dry and lightly re-oil before re-fitting. Filter oil is available separately for subsequent re-oiling after cleaning.

Price: £34.95  Filter Oil £4.05

Iridium Spark Plugs

Ideal on standard or modified cars used for fast road or track use especially where engines may run warmer, we offer a spark plug upgrade. These iridium spark plugs are 'cooler running' and so able to dissipate more heat from the combustion chamber and produce a more efficient spark. £33 for a set of four. 

FREE fitting as part of a stage upgrade.
Pistons and Rods.
Forged Pistons and Lightweight Steel Rods for Z16LEx.

Courtenay 16G Front and 8G Rear Brake Discs

16G Courtenay Front Discs - Full Size Image - Click Here
16G disc shown fitted.

Courtenay 16 Groove 308mm Front Brake discs offer a greater stopping ability than standard discs, due to increased surface area and the grooved disc surface. The grooves also help to keep the pads clean and disperse heat, brake dust and gasses away from the disc surface, especially under heavy sustained braking, a common cause of brake fade. 8 groove discs are available for the rear. Sold in Pairs

Front 16G: £195 Buy Now Click Here!

Rear 8G:
£148.95 Buy Now Click Here!

8G Courtenay Rear Discs - Full Size Image - Click Here
8G disc shown fitted.

EBC Discs and Fast Road Pads

As an alternative to the Courtenay 16G front discs and 8G rear discs we can also offer the EBC Turbo Grooved Disc featuring a combination of grooves and dimples (blind drillings). Offering better disc and pad cooling along over standard discs with increased performance at high temperature.

Front - Priced at £164.95 per pair Buy Now Click Here! Rear - Priced at £102.10 per pair Buy Now Click Here!

For uprated brake friction material we either suggest Fast Road Red Ceramic Pads or Yellow Ceramic Pads which feature a further uprated race spec material suitable for the more enthusiastic driver, or for those cars taken on track. These yellow pads offer exceptional stopping at temperature but still retain good 'bite' from cold.

Red Ceramic Pads Front - £71.45 per Set. Buy Now Click Here! Yellow Ceramic Pads Front - £81.65 per Set. Buy Now Click Here!
Rear Red Ceramic and Yellow Ceramic pads also available online.

M32 Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential

Quaife M32 ATB LSD Click for Full Size Image The Quaife ATB differential for M32 gearboxes. A direct replacement for the standard Vauxhall differential, the Quaife ATB differential transforms your car's performance, making getting the power down onto the road easier, for improved traction and driveability.

Unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip differential, the ATB diff relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation. Because of this, the ATB differential never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle, like a conventional LSD. Rather, the differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree, and never locks.
The Quaife ATB differential has many benefits over a standard open differential, including maximising traction and minimizing wheelspin, eliminating torque steer and snatching in front wheel drive cars compared to conventional LSD units, and a maintenance-free design which retains the standard oil lubrication.

Retail Price £Check Shop Buy Now Click Here! Diff Bearings (available with Diff) £75.00 per pair. In House Fitting Available.



M32 ATB LSD Fitting

Uprated Recirculation Dump Valve

Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM valve which is prone to failure when the engine has been tuned or had an upgrade to the engine management software.

This valve is complete and ready to install with no fitting kit required. It is available with 3 spring choices depending upon the state of tune of the engine.

Green Spring - For Standard Cars/Standard Boost.

Yellow Spring - For mapped/tuned cars running higher boost.

Blue Spring - Hybrid+ Turbo

Additional Springs available if required.

Recirculation Valve .... £122.50 Buy Now Click Here!
Uprated Recircultaion Valve

Cool Running Thermostat

Cool Thermostats Our cool running thermostat reduces the engine's normal running temperature, protecting the engine by running it closer to it's optimum power temperature. The stat opens 10 degrees earlier than the standard OE item (82 degrees instead of 92 degrees) and is fully open 10 degrees earlier (97 degrees instead of 107 degrees). Ideal for modified cars for fast road and track work, they typically operate 4 - 5 degrees cooler thus reducing peak temperatures caused by sustained hard use. As used in Opel/GM products in warmer climates.

Cool 'Stat .... £25.50 Fitting .... £36 Buy Now Click Here!

Meriva VXR

Meriva VXR

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