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Vectra VXR Tuning

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Vectra VXR
The Vectra VXR. The top-of-the-line engine for the Vectra is the 2.8 litre unit, newly developed by GM Powertrain, with numerous high-tech features. The turbo unit shares many of these features with the two six-cylinder naturally aspirated engines (2.8 and 3.6 litre), which are also part of the new fully aluminium range, used worldwide by General Motors. As well as a classic cylinder angle of 60 degrees and overhead camshafts driven by dual chains, common features with the 24-valve unit include variable valve control and a four-bearing crankshaft made from micro-alloyed forged steel - a material also commonly used in racing engines.

Details such as friction-reducing coated pistons highlight the extensive design work that went into the V6 engines. The pistons are equipped with hard anodized ring slots for a longer life cycle, run in cast iron bushes and are oil-spray cooled. Sintered connecting rods, exhaust valves filled with sodium for better cooling, and the oil sump, which is especially rigid due to its die-cast aluminium construction, also represent state-of-the-art technology.

The twin-scroll turbocharger is reserved for the 9.5:1 compression ratio top-of-the range unit for the Vectra. The intercooler system, which is centrally mounted above the transmission, has an integrated waste gate and supplies the engine with a maximum of 0.6 bar excess pressure. The turbine wheel is made of a high-quality special steel composition. Due to its twin-scroll design, the turbine is fed simultaneously from both rows of cylinders. Separate channels, one for each bank of cylinders, separate the exhaust gas pulses. On the one hand, this operating principle minimizes turbocharger energy losses and, on the other hand, it has a positive effect on the exhaust gas flow and efficiency. Rapid response and excellent torque even at low engine speeds are also provided by the continuous, electronically controlled, hydraulic phasing of the inlet camshafts. They can be adjusted over a range of 50 degrees with respect to the crankshaft, in order to optimally vary the valve timing and thus optimize the charge cycle to suit the engine load and speed. Like the outlet shafts, the inlet shafts are also made from high-strength aluminium. This makes them particularly light, heat-resistant and durable.

Along with the turbocharger response, the rapid and smooth power development is mainly thanks to the 32-bit Bosch Motronic engine management system. The control unit software, which has been specially adapted to suit the Vectras, controls all key functions such as ignition timing, fuel injection, turbocharger pressure, air mass measurement and the throttle valve position. Like the technical data, the new engine’s power development is also impressive. The 2.8 litre unit provides 90 percent of its 330 Nm (245 lb ft) maximum torque at only 1500 rpm. This top figure in its displacement class is then available over a wide range of 1800 to 4500 rpm. The engine’s driving performance is equally impressive. Early Vectra VXR models left the factory with 255 bhp and the later model years have had a revised management programme installed at factory to give 280 bhp.

So what can we do?

Vectra VXR Tuning Packages

All our Vectra VXR remapping is carried out serially, through OBD II/diagnostic port directly into the vehicle's ecu.
All our maps are bespoke written for us to suit your requirements. If your car does not fit into the categories listed, for example you have a different exhaust configuration, we can and will write a bespoke map and tailor it to your vehicle.
Courtenay Sport Stage One
We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first, we check and gap the spark plugs, the vehicle is benchmarked on our rolling road, then Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows. Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.
(*includes up to 2 hours rolling road time. Additional Time £99 per hour)
+100 bhp mid range gain

Peak Power Increase to 295-300bhp

Torque: 400+ lb ft (540+ Nm)
140+ lb ft gain
£595 Fitted including Rolling Road Set Up*
Vectra VXR 2.8 V6 Turbo Engine With our stage one ecu remap we can take the 255 and 280 bhp cars up to a peak of about 295 - 300 bhp (temperature and environmental conditions dependent) which equates to a 40+ bhp gain on early cars and 15+ on later models but don't think that's all this is about or that our remap is not worth a second look. Whilst the peak gains are not that impressive it is not all about out and out peak power gains.............

Our stage one remap gives a massive hike of about +100 bhp in the mid range at 3,700 rpm and a gain of around +140 lb ft torque which completely transforms this car's on road ability. Mid range performance is simply breath taking!

Power Graph for Stage One

Power Graph - Click to Enlarge Power graph for a Vectra 255 with our Stage One Remap.  Click to enlarge.
Peak Power: 297.57 bhp.
Maximum Torque: 403.56 lb ft.
Cell Temperature: 19 degrees.
Courtenay Sport Stage Two
We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first, then we fit a brand new Insignia VXR turbo assembly, change the oil and filter, check and gap the spark plugs and finally Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows. Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.
(*includes up to 2 hours rolling road time. Additional Time £99 per hour)
Peak Power Increase to 315-320bhp £1823 Fitted including Rolling Road Set Up*
Courtenay Sport Stage Two+
We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first then we fit a brand new Insignia VXR turbo assembly, changing the oil and filter, along with fitting our extra large water radiator, check and gap the spark plugs and finally Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows. Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.
(*includes up to 2 hours rolling road time. Additional Time £99 per hour)
Peak Power Increase to 320-325bhp £2640 Fitted including Rolling Road Set Up*
Courtenay Sport Stage Three
We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first then we fit a brand new Insignia VXR turbo assembly, changing the oil and filter, along with our extra large water radiator and intercooler assembly, fit a 3” Front pipe, 3” down pipe with Sports Cat, Uprated injectors, check and gap the spark plugs and finally Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows. Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.
(*includes up to 2 hours rolling road time. Additional Time £99 p per hour)
Power Graph

Peak Power Increase up to 340bhp

Torque: 430 lb ft (580+ Nm)
£4548 Fitted including Rolling Road Set Up*
Insignia VXR Turbo Supplied and Fitted, includes parts, labour and oil & filter change - £1233.00

High Flow Panel Filter and Iridium Spark Plugs
With any upgrade, we also suggest the addition of a High Flow re-useable K&N Panel Filter £48.00
Iridium Spark Plugs are also available (if not already fitted) at £86.40 set of six.
Fitting FREE OF CHARGE as part of a Stage upgrade.

The use of Shell V-Power 99 RON, or a similar Super Unleaded fuel, is a requirement on all remapped vehicles.

Iridium Spark Plugs

Ideal on standard or modified cars. NGK laser iridium spark plugs. £86.40 for a set of six.

FREE fitting as part of a stage upgrade.

Turbo Upgrade and 3" Frontpipe for Vectra VXR

Vectra VXR Turbo Upgrade
Insignia VXR Turbo Upgrade
Vectra VXR 3 inch Downpipe
3" Front Pipe with Decat
Insignia VXR Turbo - £798.30

Insignia VXR Turbo Supplied and Fitted, includes parts, labour and oil & filter change - £1233.00

3" Front Pipe with Decat (Removes Pre Cat) : Fits to OE Cat Section - £295.00

3" Cat Pipe with 200 cell Sports Cat - £395.00

Vectra Stage 2/3 Insignia VXR Turbo Upgrade

Our goal with this upgrade was to improve the power spread across the rev range and remove the almost “diesel” like power band & delivery found in the existing stage 1 remaps, which is a direct result of the standard Vectra VXR turbo not being able to deliver sufficient boost, of any real value in the last third of the rev range.

The development car used was already at stage 1 and equipped with our uprated water radiator, FM Intercooler and a 3” front pipe, in preparation for the upgrade.

A Vectra VXR (whether standard or Stage 1) without these additional upgrades, as listed above, would still see a good power increase, with the Insignia’s Turbo, but the top end power would drop away due to flow restrictions through the exhaust and lack of inlet air cooling. We would still, however, recommend changing the water radiator, which can be an issue even for stage 1 cars when driven enthusiastically.

Installing the Insignia Turbo is a fairly straightforward job, but requires patience to ensure that all components required to facilitate an easy installation are removed and care is taken to prevent any damage to both the new and existing components.
Having installed the Turbo and started the car, we performed an initial run to review the results, running on the Stage 1 map. We found that the standard injectors were running out of duty cycle at circa 330 -335 bhp causing the mixture to become lean (as you will appreciate a weak mixture can cause some very serious damage and very quickly). If we were to continue on the development path, with standard injectors, the top end boost would have to be reduced for the injectors to stay within their threshold. As a result we would be back to the diesel like torque derived power curve, which was not our goal. Therefore we changed the injectors for the higher flowing Insignia VXR ones. This enabled us to hold the boost at the top end to produce a power curve that sustained good high RPM power levels (as can be seen from the graphs).

It should be noted, even though we experimented with several different types of induction pipe work, the final results, were achieved using the standard induction pipes. Even opening up the air-box and changing the pipe work to 70mm all the way from the MAF to the turbo had no effect on the peak or through rev range power band. The only noticeable increase was turbo induction noise (which actually was quiet nice, but very subtle).
This turbo will produce massive torque figures. We saw 465 lbs ft (640nm) without really trying. However, common sense was telling us that with 2 wheel drive and the fact that the standard car can struggle at 400lbs ft this figure (465 lbs ft), whilst great for pub talk, would render the first 3 gears redundant. Also it would only serve to destroy the clutch and transmission in the remaining gears. As yet we are in 2 minds as to whether 430lbsft is still too much. However a little more time behind the wheel and the owner’s feedback will assist us in making a final decision.
Looking at the graph below you can see that the big increase’s come from 4500 rpm, at which point the engine is producing an additional 40BHP, whilst at 5000 rpm there is producing an additional 52 bhp, and at 6500 rpm the engine is producing an impressive additional 62 bhp over the stage 1 remap. All this lends itself to a far more linear and sustained power delivery, feeling more like a traditional petrol engine.
Stage 3 Graph Click to Enlarge

Water Radiator and Intercooler Kit

It has been known for some time that the Vectra VXR Intercooler works very effectively in both standard and Stage One application. However, to explain our development a little further, we have detailed some of our findings below which have allowed us to take what we feel is the strategic approach with excellent results.

After having developed both the Intercooler and water radiator, with further testing over 4000 miles and in varying temperatures, it became apparent that although the inlet air temps had been reduced (and were shown to be excellent and stable), the water temperature was actually more significant to the car’s sustained performance than that of the intercooler, even in day to day running. This finding changed our development cycle to concentrate further efforts on the water radiator and the ancillaries.

Our further investigations found that the “turbo water return pipe” was placing super heated water directly into the expansion tank (we are sure you have seen a glowing orange turbo). This super heated water is in turn being fed back into the engine block. By developing a modified return feed to the expansion tank (still using the original feeds but re plumbed), temperatures of the water were reduced to those of the water radiator and not super heated from the turbo itself. This development has ensured that the recovery time of the water, after high speed driving, is reduced significantly. Also during constant and steady motorway driving the water temperatures stabilised at between 87-89 degrees. Furthermore the engine warms up from cold at the same rate, until the thermostat opens and then the water is regulated by the larger water radiator and special expansion tank return.
Vectra VXR Intercooler with Aircon Rad
Uprated Vectra VXR Intercooler showing AirCon
Rad mounted on reverse side.
Vectra VXR Intercooler Inlet
Intercooler lower left hand side showing OE inlet.
By developing the water radiator as a primary component, and to ensure that in day to day driving the water temperatures are kept as low as possible in the confines of the thermostat, once high power outputs are released then these can be supported with the confidence of reliable sustained performance. Furthermore, we consider that for a stage one re-map the water radiator benefits the car significantly more than the Intercooler does on its own, after all there is little point in having an engine package with a thumping great intercooler resulting in 150% efficiency on inlet air temperature and only 80% efficiency on water temperature.

As standard cars run high water temperatures, owners of these cars are also likely to benefit from the reduced the water temperatures, resulting in more sustained performance levels.

However, in reverting back to our original strategy, our findings have also concluded, that higher power outputs WILL require the new Intercooler, to ensure that inlet air temperatures are kept at the reduced levels that allow sustained performance, especially with the new turbo options now available for further development on the Vectra VXR.

Intercooler and Water Radiator outline.


The intercooler has been moved to the front of the car (in front of the air conditioning radiator) and is a full width and height, with a core twice the size of the original component. Fixings have been made to accommodate the air conditioning radiator on the rear, therefore requiring no additional pipe work replacement.
All the original pipe work has been retained in its original position, to allow ease of fixing and the development of silicone hoses, where a special set will not be required just for the intercooler (this keeps cost down for the owner).
Vectra VXR Uprated Intercooler
Vectra VXR Uprated Water Radiator
Water Radiator

The Water radiator is enlarged both in height and depth it has more efficient core complete with alloy end tanks and retains the original fixing for the all pipe work and the fans.
Kit One (Standard and Stage One):
Large Water Radiator, and pipe work - £663.00 :: Fitting - £180.00

Kit Two (High Power Output):
Larger Intercooler, shrouding, Large Water radiator and pipe work - £1549.80 :: Fitting £252.00

All prices include VAT

K&N Panel Filter

The K&N air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. high flow cotton gauze air filter is washable, reusable and built to last for the life of an automotive engine. K&N air filters consist of four to six sheets of cotton gauze layered between two sheets of aluminium wire mesh.  This media is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities and overall performance.  K&N Air Filters were created for an environment requiring maximum horsepower and enhanced acceleration in addition to protection from the dirt and dust of off-road racing.  The result is an air filter that allows dramatically more air into an engine, is washable and reusable, and will protect your engine for the life of your vehicle. The K&N filter comes pre-oiled and can be washed and re-oiled time and again.

Price: £45.95 Buy Now Click Here!
K&N High Flow Panel Filter

DAP Spring Kit

To improve the ride and road holding of the Vectra VXR chassis, a set of DAP springs is an excellent and effective way of achieving this and you will also be left with a better lower stance. The DAP Spring Kit lowers by approximately 20mm. £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Eibach Spring Kit

Eibach Spring Kit To improve the ride and road holding of the Vectra VXR chassis, a set of Eibach springs is an excellent and effective way of achieving this and you will also be left with a better slightly lower stance. Not only is Eibach a world leader in spring technology, Eibach springs were also used by the VXRacing team on the BTCC Vectras. The Eibach Spring Kit lowers by approximately 10-15mm. £196.18 Buy Now Click Here!

KW Coilovers

For the ultimate in road holding with fanstastic ride comfort we offer the V1 and V2 coilover kits from KW. High quality, hand assembled stainless steel suspension resists corrosion and allows for easy adjustment. Available from £905.00 More details of KW Suspension on the KW Page

Bilstein Dampers

Bilstein B8 Dampers are available for Vectra C VXR. More details on the Suspension Page

Brake Discs and Pads

Our 16 grooved brake discs give instant response under the most demanding driving conditions. They provide superior brake fade characteristics over a wide temperature range and exceptional performance from cold. The grooved surface not only increases the surface area and thus aids cooling but the grooves also help to circulate air between the disc and the pads surface and also disperse brake dust and gas that can otherwise lead to brake fade.

Front 16G Discs - £305.50 per pair. Buy Now Click Here!

Rear 8G Discs - £180.00 per pair Buy Now Click Here!
16G Front Brake Disc
EBC Brake Disc EBC GD Sport Discs are made from high quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control and are then precision machined. The 'blind' drilled disc was invented by EBC back in the 90's and has been imitated by many because of its ability to offer pad degassing without "Through Drilling" the disc which has been shown to promote disc cracking around the drillings.

The wide aperture grooves on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and disc surface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact area which can increase to very high temperatures at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect.
These "Full sweep" grooves on the EBC disc also helps remove dirt, dust, debris and water from the braking area but without doubt the main benefit of such discs is their ability to maintain a flat and parallel pad surface throughout the lifetime of the brake pad set.

EBC sport discs are also gold anodised to help prevent from corrosion in areas which are not swept by the pad to help them stay looking better for longer.

Front GD Sport Discs - £240.00 per pair. Buy Now Click Here! Rear TG Discs - £174.50 per pair Buy Now Click Here!

Our suggested pads for this application would be Yellow ceramic for the front due to their ability to work at high temperatures whilst still offering good bite from cold and either red or yellow ceramic pads for the rear.

Yellow Front/Rear Pads £115.00/£65.00 Buy Now Click Here!
Rear Red Pads £51.95 Buy Now Click Here!

K Sport 8 Pot 356mm Brake Kit

K Sport 356mm 8 Pot Brake Kit This kit comprises of a pair of 2 piece 356mm x 32mm 8 grooved discs with alloy bells, Lighweight Alloy K Sport 8 pot calipers, brackets and stainless steel braided front brake hoses. The calipers are machined from aircraft quality billet with machined grooves to protect the bridge link pipes and have alluminium pistons, high temp seals and stainless steel brake pad wear plates.

The calipers are finished in Painted Black, Red, Yellow or Orange. Pads can be specified to suit requirements.
Red Ceramic pads make a good fast road pad, Yellow Ceramic pads make good fast road and track day pads, whilst Blue ceramic pads are available for track/race use. Other pad compounds including Pagid RS29 and Ferodo DS2500 are available.

The lightweight caliper come in differential bore configuration. They are machined from aircraft quality billet and weigh just over 3kgs each, and have protection grooves machined in for the bridge tubes. Aluminum pistons, high temperature seals, and stainless steel brake pad wear plates are also standard on each caliper. The opposed piston caliper design greatly improves pad wear and caliper rigidity over the OE design. The stainless steel brake lines stop expansion under pressure.
The kit uses the 2-piece disc assembly which reduces weight both rotating and unsprung. The floating disc also stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface. The unique slot design on the rotor greatly reduces braking noise and expels gas and pad debris faster than conventional slot designs. Every rotor is always heat treated and balanced before shipment for the best possible performance.
This brake kit will fit under 18" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Wheels ET40mm, and should clear Standard 18" Snowflake Wheels and the optional 19" Wheel.

Kit Price £978.00 Buy Now Click Here! :: Fitting available in our workshop. Requires 18" wheels.

Replacement Pad Sets available from £122.50

Available Pad Compounds include: EBC Yellow and Blue Ceramic, Pagid RS29, Ferodo DS2500 and Performance Friction. Buy Now Click Here!

Replacement Discs £359 per pair Buy Now Click Here!

D2 6 Pot 356mm Brake Kit

D2 356mm 6 Pot Brake Kit D2 Racing big brake kits are designed to cope with the heat generated by extreme braking on the road or track. Where as the standard braking system will quickly overheat and no longer perform the D2 Racing brake kits will dissipate this heat so keeping the braking system within its operating parameters allowing you, the driver, to brake for much longer and much harder.

This kit comprises of a pair of 2 piece cross drilled discs with lightweight aluminium bells, lightweight strong aluminium 6 pot calipers, steel mounting brackets, stainless steel braided front brake hoses, fast road brake pads and 1L DOT5.1 Brake Fluid.

The calipers are CNC machined from aluminium with lightweight aluminium pistons and external dust seals. They have strong thick aluminium bridge supports that double up as pad retainers helping increase the rigidity of the calipers to prevent flex and maximise pedal feel and use one of the most popular pads shapes offering an excellent choice of pads.

The mounting brackets are cast from S45C steel and then CNC machined for strength and accuracy of fit.
The calipers are finished in painted Red, Black, Purple or Yellow are available at no extra cost. Other colour finishes are available at extra cost to special order.

The supplied pads are of a fast road/mild track day material specification but other pads can be specified to suit requirements at a small surcharge, depending upon the chosen pad. Optional pads include EBC Red, Yellow and Blue Ceramic, Ferodo DS2500, Pagid RS29

The disc size is 356mm x 32mm.

Red Ceramic pads make a good fast road pad, Yellow Ceramic pads make good fast road and mild track day pads, whilst Blue ceramic pads are available for track/race use. Other pad compounds including Pagid RS29 and Ferodo DS2500 are available.

The 356mm kit will fit under 18" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Wheels ET40mm and should clear standard 18" Snowflake Wheels and the optional 19" wheel.

356mm 6 Pot Kit £1149.00 ::Fitting available in our workshop. Requires 18" wheels with suitable offset.

Replacement Pad Sets available from £122.50. Available Pad Compounds include: EBC Yellow and Blue Ceramic, Pagid RS29, Ferodo DS2500 and Performance Friction. Buy Now Click Here!

Replacement Discs 356mm £359.00 per pair Buy Now Click Here!
D2 6 Pot Caliper D2 Brake Disc and Bell Assembly D2 6 356mm Pot Brake Kit D2 Caliper Seals D2 Caliper Bridge

VXRacing AP 6 Pot Brake Kit

Full Size Image - Click Here
Vectra VXR AP 6 Pot Brake Kit
Click Thumbnail for Larger Image
Full Size Image - Click Here
Blue or Red Callipers Available
Click Thumbnail for Larger Image
This Brake Kit comprises of a pair of 2 piece 360mm 6 grooved discs with alloy bells, AP Racing 6 pot calipers with road seals, braided front brake hoses, brake pads and AP brake fluid.
The calipers are available in either Red or Blue with the both the VXRacing and AP Racing logos.
£Special Order Only
Suitable for Vectra VXR. Will also fit other Vectra and Signum models. Requires 18" wheels.
Replacement Pads - Pagis RS29, EBC Blue Ceramic Buy Now Click Here!

Clutch Kits

We offer either a Genuine OE factory clutch or Sachs Clutch Kit which is direct replacement for the Original Equipment clutch assembly or an uprated 5 paddle clutch kit for Vectra VXR (Cover and Disc). The 5 paddle disc now offers improved driveability over the previous 6 paddle disc.

Genuine Clutch Kit £198.00 Buy Now Click Here!

Sachs Clutch Kit - £240.00

Uprated 5 Paddle Clutch Kit - £450.00

Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Genuine - £115.20

Fitting from £395.00
Vectra VXR Paddle Clutch

Quaife ATB Limited Slip Differential

Quaife ATB LSD Click for Full Size Image A direct replacement for the standard Vauxhall differential, the Quaife ATB differential transforms your car's performance, making getting the power down onto the road easier, for improved traction and driveability.

Unlike a conventional plate-style limited slip differential, the ATB diff relies on gears rather than clutch plates for its operation. That means it is much smoother in operation. Because of this, the ATB differential never locks harshly with a set pre-load of wheel slip across the driven axle, like a conventional LSD. Rather, the differential automatically biases the torque away from the spinning wheel across the axle, to a constantly varying degree, and never locks.
The Quaife ATB differential has many benefits over a standard open differential, including maximising traction and minimizing wheelspin, eliminating torque steer and snatching in front wheel drive cars compared to conventional LSD units, and a maintenance-free design which retains the standard oil lubrication.

LSD Retail £774 Special Price - £720 Buy Now Click Here! Fitting Available from £360.00 when fitted with a clutch/flywheel assembly
Outer Diff Bearings £90.00 for 2

We recommend using a high quality fully synthetic gearbox oil such as Valvoline TDL 75w-90

Poly Engine Mount Insert

Uprated Poly Engine Mount
Uprated Poly Engine Mount Insert
Polyurethane Engine Mount Inserts for Vectra VXR front and rear engine mounts.
Made from Yellow Material 70 Shore Hardness suggested for Road Use, Black Material 95 Shore Hardness for Trackdays. Items 20 and 21

Yellow Front 86mm (Item 20) : £26.40 Buy Now Click Here!

Yellow Rear 79mm (Item 21) : £26.40 Buy Now Click Here!

Use the reference diagram (right) to identify bush location.

Polyurethane Bushes Road

Attention to the factory rubber bushes is beneficial. They are made to be flexible to some extent to absorb harshness, but as they age the original rubber loses its 'tone' and gets slacker. This allows the suspension system to move relative to the chassis so the car's handling and response become less sharp. The grade of polyurethane used in our uprated bushes is not so hard as to cause undue harshness, however they provide a big improvement over standard and they keep their 'tone' much longer than the original rubber, so the effect lasts longer.
Kits are available as Front and Rear axle sets, or as individual bushes if required.

Unlike the original bushes, Polyurethane Bushes require no special tools to fit and are therefore a relatively easy DIY proposition - or we can fit them for you if you prefer.

Purple Bushes are for road use and have a material shore A harness of 80

Use the reference diagram (above top right) to identify bush location.

Uprated Poly Bush Kits Road Spec

Model Front Rear Front Kit: Front Wishbone Front Bushes (2) and Front Wishbone Rear Bushes (2) (Items 1&2)

Rear Kit: Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushes (Item 10), Rear Upper Arm Outer (47mm or 38mm) (Item 11) and Inner (Item 12) Bushes, Rear Toe Arm Inner (Item 13) and Outer (Item 14) Bushes, Rear Lower Arm Outer (Item 15) and Inner (Item 16) Bushes
(2 of each required bush included in full kit)

Also Available: Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes (2) (Item 3)
Rear Anti Roll Bar Bushes (2) (Item 19)
Vectra C VXR  Buy Now Click Here! Buy Now Click Here!
Bushes Front Lower Arms £118.20 N/A
Engine Mount £26.40 £26.40
Rear Bushes - £508.20/£434.88
Fitting £144.00 £432.00
Front Anti Roll Bar Bushes (Purple) (Item 3) Buy Now Click Here!

RearAnti Roll Bar Bushes (Purple) (Item 19) Buy Now Click Here!

Track Spec Black Series Bushes also available.

200 cpi Weld In Sports Cat

We can supply a weld in 200 cell sport cat which will help with exhaust gas flow, thus releasing a few extra horsepower but will still meet emissions requirements for MOT. (Suggested for Motorsport Use Only)

Price: £425.00
Vectra VXR

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