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Dunlop Sport Maxx Cup

31 Jul 2009, 12:07

Our Involvement.......

Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXRWe were approached by Adrian Churchill the day after a disappointing showing at the Donington Park rounds of the championship (Rounds 7, 8 and 9), and he asked us to check over his car and advise him on improvements (he suspected his current mapping to be a cause for concern). He had told us he had been experiencing poor performance and loss of power and despite actuator adjustments and changes he was unable to find a fix during the race weekend.

Once his car arrived with us we immediately set about checking it over on our rolling road, initially data logging the ecu and monitor the performance. Following initial power runs it became obvious that the car was down on power and torque (certainly from where we would have expected it to be to put the car at the front). After several hard runs on the dyno, it became immediately apparent to us what the cause of the problem had been at Donington.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXRData logging information showed us that the current mapping was the problem; the engine was running lean, and the ignition map had not been correctly optimised so the ecu was showing excessive levels of knock retard - some 7 degrees through the mid range. With this information it was obvious that under the hard racing conditions at Donington, coupled to the fact that it was a blisteringly hot day that day which would increase inlet air temperatures hugely, the loss of power was down to the ecu closing the throttle in self preservation of the engine!

We immediately altered all the parameters within the ecu remapping it with a carefully configured race set up with a much improved spread to torque, more peak power and torque and with safer fuelling and no mid range knock. We were happy with the dyno results, hopefully Adrian would be at his next outing at Castle Combe.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXRCastle Combe weekend gave Adrian the answer; two second places in rounds 10 and 11, and a 4th place in the wet in round 12. Starting 5th in round 12, Adrian had the pace to get through the field into first by the first corner and held it well for 5 laps. Unfortunately the rain eased and a drying track saw Adrian's wet weather set up not quite offering the required grip, causing him to slip to a hard fought 4th place.

A revived Astra VXR for Adrian saw him performing well up at the front end of the field; a dramatic improvement from 3 weeks earlier. We look forward to supporting Adrian over the final rounds of the championship.

Dunlop Sport Maxx Production Cup Schedule for 2009:

April 18th/19th Rockingham
June 6th/7th Brands Hatch
July 4th/5th Donington Park
July 18th/19th Castle Combe
August 22nd/23rd Croft
September 26th/27th Snetterton

A few images from Castle Combe.

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Adrian Churchill's Courtenay Mapped Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXR Adrian Churchill's Courtenay Mapped Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXR Adrian Churchill's Courtenay Mapped Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXR Adrian Churchill's Courtenay Mapped Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXR Adrian Churchill's Courtenay Mapped Dunlop Sport Maxx Astra VXR
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