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Courtenay Sport Latest News and Information

PVS 2013/Time Attack 2013

3 Jun 2013, 17:43

Due to a clash of other motorsport events this year, unfortunately we will be unable to attend PVS at Santa Pod.

Instead, we will be heading to Modified Live at Snetterton in Norfolk for Round 3 of the Time Attack championship supporting the Courtenay Sport Racing/DCE Motorsport Astra VXR driven by Will Watson. for anyone not heading to PVS feel free to pop along and say 'hello.'

We intend to be at Trax later on in the year so we will be able to catch up with everyone then.

Time Attack 2013

28 Mar 2013, 16:00

Monday April 1st sees the start of the 2013 Time Attack Championship at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.

For 2013 Courtenay Sport Racing are backing and sponsoring the DCE Motorsport entry into the Time Attack Series. The car is an Astra H VXR which is driven by existing customer and owner Will Watson and has been entered into the Club Challenge Class FWD. The car features a number of our components, including our high flow inlet manifold and full exhaust system and the engine ecu has been bespoke remapped and a full set up carried out on our rolling road.

The great thing with this car is that the parts fitted and used on it are available for your everyday road and trackday car.

Time Attack 2013 Astra VXR

Time Attack 2013 Astra VXR
Time Attack 2013 Astra VXR
Time Attack Format:

Time Attack events take place across one day. Competitors drive hard against the clock to set the quickest lap time around each circuit. After the formalities of scrutineering and drivers' briefings have taken place, the on-track element of a Time Attack event consists of four sessions:

Warm Up - 15 minutes
Practice - 20 minutes
Qualifying - 20 minutes
Final - 15 minutes.
If you would like to keep updated with our progress and the series you can get all the latest news and find information from a number of sources online:
Our Dedicated Time Attack Webpage The Courtenay Sport Blog The DCE Motorsport Website
Via Facebook and Twitter:
Courtenay Sport on Facebook DCE Motorsport on Facebook DCE Motorsport Site
Courtenay Sport on Twitter DCE Motorsport on Twitter Time Attack on Twitter
We wish Will and the whole team the best of luck for the opening round on Monday.

Fitting Guides Added

20 Mar 2013, 16:01

We've added a few additional fitting guides to our website.

They cover:
Fitting our Braided Rear Brake Hose Kit to Astra G/H and Zafira A/B
Fitting the Poweflex Poly Side Gearbox Mount to Astra G/H and Zafira A/B Z20LEx models including VXR
Fitting a Gearbox Breather Tank to the M32 gearbox.

These additional guides can be found at the bottom of the Fitting Guides Page on our main website and also the Fitting Section on our blog.

Powerflex Black Series Poly Bushes

22 Feb 2013, 14:23

Powerflex Black Series
Powerflex Black Series range has been developed for ultimate performance, motorsport, track and race applications offering the most precise and accurate alignment for a wide range of chassis.

Designed for the Track - Ready to Race - Engineered to be the best.

Powerflex Black Series bushes are manufactured using a 95 Shore A compound to provide maximum control of chassis geometry.

This compound can be up to 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than our purple performance material.

If your requirements are purely for the ultimate in handling and chassis performance then Powerflex Black Series are unique, offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis.

Performance - Developed for ultimate performance using the toughest materials.

Precision - Engineered for the most accurate control of chassis geometry.

Practical - Manufactured to be easily fitted without the need for special tools.

All popular purple bushes are available in the new material including wishbone bushes and engine mounts

Astra H/Zafira B Front Wishbone Bushes - £98.40

Astra H/Zafira B Gearbox Side Mount Insert - £30.00

Astra H/Zafira B Front Engine Mount Insert - £30.00

Astra G/Zafira A Front Wishbone Bushes - £98.40

Gearbox Mount Insert Astra G/H VXR & CDTi

22 Feb 2013, 13:12

Gearbox Side Mount Insert We identified a weakness in the gearbox mount (left hand side mount) on Astra H VXR and CDTi models, whereby these are prone to failure caused by splitting. Additionally for fast road and trackday use the ability to strengthen this factory mount will reduce its movement.

With Powerflex we have now produced an insert which compliments other uprated engine mounts and polyurethane inserts.

Inserts are an effective way of reducing engine movement, aiding power delivery and reducing damage to exhaust downpipes and other hoses and improving handling with less engine movement to unsettle a car during braking and cornering.

The gearbox insert fits Astra H 2.0 petrol turbo engines (Z20LEL, Z20LER), Astra H VXR (Z20LEH), Astra H 1.9 CDTi Models (Z19DTx) and Zafira B 2.0 Petrol Turbo (Z20LER), VXR (Z20LEH) and 1.9 CDTi (Z19DTx). Also suitable for Astra G Z20LET SRi.GSi Turbo and Zafira A Z20LET GSi Turbo

This mount is available in Yellow Material with a shore hardness of 70 for fast road use and light track use and in the new Black Material with a shore hardness of 95 (recommended only for race and dedicated trackday use)

Priced at £27.00 £24.00 (Yellow) and
£30 £27 (Black Series)

Astra J VXR Remap

19 Jan 2013, 11:48

Courtenay Sport Stage 1 ECU Remap

Exclusive Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Software Upgrade. Software customising whilst on our rolling road optimising fuelling, full boost and ignition maps, Full Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.

Our Stage 1 upgrade gives much better low end response combined with a smother and flatter torque curve, whilst at the top end we have managed to increase and sustain the power for longer. Alongside this you will also benefit from improved cruise fuel economy. We saw a peak power figure of 342.65 lb ft torque with power rising to 300.07 bhp. Our development car still has quite low miles so we would expect to see a few more bhp as the engine loosens further.

Like all our ECU upgrades the software is installed on your car whilst on our rolling road optimising fuelling, boost and Ignition maps. This enables us to see and rectify any underlying faults or problems and to ensure that the calibration is 100% accurate and safe for your car before handing it back over to you, along with the full power and torque print outs.

£565.00 including full map optimisation, datalogging and Rolling Road Set Up.

Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Remap Graph Astra J VXR
Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Remap Graph Astra J VXR

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