Wagner Astra H VXR Intercooler

New 2-3 Days Wagner Astra H VXR Intercooler
Wagner Astra H VXR Intercooler

Part number 200001102 

Kit comes with:

1x Intercooler (black coated)
3x Silicone hose's (black)
1x Mounting material
1x Assembly instructions
1x TÜV parts certificate

Wagner Competition High Performance Tube & Fin Intercooler for the Vauxhall Astra H VXR   

This high performance intercooler sets new standards. With net dimensions of 550 mm x 240 mm x 90 mm (11,830 cc), it offers a whopping 132% more charge air volume compared to the stock intercooler. This means a dramatic increase in power and improved cooling capacity.

The Competition high-performance intercooler is the answer you've been looking for. With cutting-edge technology and custom design, and most important of all a core made in high performance Tube & Fin. Tube & Fin is the most efficient design of core for an intercooler as it rejects heat far quicker than the cheaper bar & plate design which stems from the commercial diesel industry.  Tube and fin rejects heat far quicker and it has less mass (weight) which means in hard use,  for example tracks days,  racing or high power big boost environments the intercooler will stay at lower temperature's for longer as its temperature recovery is far quicker, the Tube & Fin core also allows sufficient airflow to neighboring components such as the water radiator. Despite its impressive performance, this intercooler is exceptionally lightweight, another advantage of the tune & fin core, with a total weight of only 7.5 kg.

The cast aluminium end boxes were designed in the CAD system and optimised using CFD simulations to maximize internal airflow. The intercooler inlets and outlets have been enlarged to Ø 65 mm, which is why this kit includes reinforced silicone hoses. The result is an intercooler with significantly less back pressure than the stock model.

All Wagner intercoolers are equipped with an anti-corrosion coating that not only protects against environmental influences, but also has excellent heat conduction properties. This ensures permanent and optimal cooling and is accompanied by a noticeable increase in performance.

Installation is done by replacing the standard intercooler and is straightforward. A plug-and-play experience that saves time and effort.

We place the highest value on quality. All of our products undergo rigorous qualitative monitoring to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Put an end to performance bottlenecks. Get the Competition high-performance intercooler and see your vehicle rise to new heights. Take the first step towards an exciting performance upgrade.

Competition intercooler kit for Opel Astra H OPC
Opel Astra H OPC 2.0 Turbo 177KW/240PS (2005-2010)

Dimensions original intercooler:
525mm x 346mm x 28mm
V=5,1 liter
A=1816 cm²

Wagner Tuning intercooler dimensions:
550mm x 240mm x 90mm
V=11,8 Liter
A=1320 cm²

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