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Power Maxed Racing (PMR) and Vauxhall in BTCC from 2017

Automotive Brands, owners of Power Maxed Racing are delighted to announce their commercial partnership with Vauxhall Motors. The agreement will see the return of the Vauxhall Astra to the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship from 2017 onwards. As an integral part of this agreement Power Maxed Racing will run two new Vauxhall Astras – […]

Astra J VXR Stage 3

A change to the more common Astra J VXRs we see in Arden Blue, this time in the much less seen but equally stunning Power Red. The car had already been fitted with a full 3″ Piper turbo back exhaust system and an Airtec cooler and induction kit when it arrived with us and when […]

More Astra J VXR Mapping

Another Astra J VXR in for mapping, in the ever popular blue, this time from another repeat customer who was more than pleased with work we carried out to his previous car a Vectra VXR. Already fitted with an induction kit and our 3″ pre-cat removal pipe the car came in for mapping and full […]

Opel Speedster Turbo K06 and Inlet Manifold

This car had previously been in for a full engine rebuild with forged pistons and steel rods, strengthening the factory Z20LET engine and was running a K04 Z20LEH VXR turbocharger, Milltek 63.5mm exhaust system, Pro Alloy chargecooler and VXR injectors. It returned to us to have some further enhancements which included a full 76mm Tullett […]

Astra J VXR Mapping

We are seeeing an ever increasing number of Astra J VXRs in for remapping and rolling road set up. As with Astra H VXR, blue seems to be a popular colour. This car came to us with a pre cat removal pipe and Evoms kit already fitting. After mapping and rolling road set up the […]

CSR MaxAir Intake System

Early in testing the Astra J VXR it was discovered that the original factory airbox simply would not cut it even with the usual modifications. Porting it simply could not flow the required air, so some kind of induction system was required. During initial induction testing it soon became apparent that a straight/parallel air MAF […]

Astra J VXR Stage 1+

Another Astra J VXR in for a Stage1+ tuning package, which is proving to be a very popular option for many owners. The first stage is to benchmarck the power of the standard car. It had already had a generic flash map installed via a well known hand held tuning box, so we first ran […]

Meriva VXR Tuning

This Meriva VXR had visited us before for a remap, and came back to have some further improvements carried out. We removed the pre-cat and fitted a straight through pre-cat replacement pipe (downpipe) to remove the restrictive first cat, fitted a set of NGK iridium plugs and a high flow Courtenay Sport panel filter. Then […]

Insignia VXR Remap

Another returning customer coming back to us this time with his 7,000 mile Insignia VXR for mapping, having previously has his Vectra VXR mapped by us. Latest spec and an otherwise standard car, and a little under a year old we carried out the mapping, map optimisation, datalogging and full rolling road set up achieving […]

Astra J VXR Stage 3 Package

Courtenay Sport Stage 3: Remap, Front Pipe, Free Flowing Cat Section, Induction Kit, Intercooler Stage 3 is the final stage upgrade using the standard factory K04 Turbo. This package consists of pre-cat deletion, replacing the OE factory front pipe and first cat first cat with our free flowing 3” cat-less front pipe (also used in our […]

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