Courtenay Sport Rolling Road

Dynojet ImageCourtenay Sport are pleased to announce that our new state-of-the-art Dynojet Rolling Road facility is now fully operational. A single roller set up, regarded by all the major dyno manufacturers as being the most accurate way of measuring power and torque with no wheelspin issues due to a larger tyre footprint and knurled roller set up, it is capable of measuring power figures up to 2000 bhp. So whether it is simply a power run you are looking for, a remap and dyno set up or a rolling road session we can now cater for your needs. Our dyno also features a massive 46" LED display screen for information output.

Power Runs from £49.50

Prices start from £49.50 for a power run where we run your car up on the rolling road and measure power and torque and provide power and torque graph printouts for your car. Once your car is safely strapped down, a power run will usually consist of 2 runs of your car on the rolling road. Each car is automatically calibrated into the rolling road, with rpm pickup taken directly from the engine. Lambda (air/fuel ratio) is also monitored directly into the dyno tower from your car and for turbo charged vehicles boost pressure is also monitored as well. For Vauxhall owners we have Tech 2 and MDI available should further diagnostic checks be required and when remapping we also have full datalogging capabilities directly into a laptop to be able to monitor exactly what the ecu is reporting. We also have VAG Com available. To arrange your booking please either call or email us and we will confirm availability.

Rolling road time for individual set up, including provision of power and torque graphs - £99 per hour.

Bespoke Remapping for OE Turbo ECU's (Petrol and Diesel) and Set Up from £495.00

Bespoke ecu mapping can be performed on vehicles running Z20LEx (ZLET/ZLEL/ZLER/ZLEH) engines with OE management such as Bosch 1.5.5, or 7.6.x, which are the 2.0 Turbo engines used in Astra G/H and Zafira A/B models. Also Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx used in Corsa D/E Meriva and Astra H / J. We also bespoke map the 2.8 V6 Turbo Z28NEx / A28MEx engines of Vectra and Insignia.
Turbo mapping costs from £495 - £595 including up to 2 hours (1.5 Hours Astra G / Zafira A) dyno set up time for engines running OE turbo units. Additional dyno mapping and set up costs are £99 per hour (if required on cars that require diagnostic work/fault finding/problem chasing that are  not associated with the mapping whilst on the dyno undergoing a remap).

Mapping a Garrett set up will be from £565 (which includes 2 hours of dyno set up time) plus £99.00 per hour for any additional dyno set up time, which will vary according to the specific set up. We can advise on the best set up to allow successful mapping.

ALL our bespoke remapping on Z20LEx, Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx and Z28NEx engines INCLUDES FULL data logging.

Diesel Upgrades

We can remap many of the modern diesel engines, the most popular being Astra H and Zafira B 1.9 CDTi 8v (120/150PS) and 16v (150 PS) and Vectra C 1.9 CDTi (120/150 PS). Bespoke remapping and dyno set up is £510.00 for most diesel applications.

Supercharged 2.2 16v Z22SE Cars

For Z22SE supercharged conversions, which use our injector and map sensor set up, we also offer a bespoke mapping service of the OE ecu, again mapping is carried out according to individual specifications. Mapping costs start at £200 for software plus £99 per hour dyno set up time which INCLUDES FULL data logging.

Existing Customers - Changes to Software.

For customers who have already paid for our software and licence, future upgrades and changes to software are carried out free of charge with just dyno set up time of £99 per hour to pay, including Datalogging.

For all cars that are run on our rolling road we will require a fully completed Rolling Road Disclaimer.

Club/Group Rolling Road Days.

For recognised car clubs/groups who wish to hold a Rolling Road day with us, power runs are £42.00 for each car, subject to a minimum of 10 vehicles taking part. We will carry out 2 power runs and monitor Lambda (fuelling). Please note that on rolling road days as time will be limited it will not be possible to carry out full datalogging or fully diagnose any running issues, should they occur.

Should you wish to book a date for your club please call us for availability and we will reserve your date for you subject to the required number of pre-booked places. We will set up pre-booking online for ease and also smoother administration on the day. We will also offer refreshments on the day for any club booked rolling road day.