M32 Gearbox

M32 Gearbox

M32 Gearbox Parts - Bearings, Seals, Differentials, End Cases

Useful Information:
M32 Fluid Capacity* - Astra H, Corsa D, Meriva A: Dry Fill - Approx 2.4L :: Wet Fill - Approx 2.2L. It is safe to overfill M32 by approximately 0.5L
M32 Capacity* - Corsa E: Dry Fill - Approx 1.9L :: Wet Fill - Approx 1.8L
Torque Settings*: Fluid Drain Plug 20Nm :: Fill Plug 30Nm. Manufacturer recommends new plugs.
*Information Source: Vauxhall Technical Information System (TIS). E&OE Correct at time of lookup.

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Bearing Kit Complete and Later End Case for M32 M20 Gearbox Early Type

M32 / M20 Gearbox Bearing Rebuild Kit (M32 Bearing Pack) and revised later end case with larger bear..

Ex Tax: £230.00

Bearing Kit Complete for M32 M20 Gearbox Early Type

M32 / M20 Gearbox Bearing Rebuild Kit (M32 Bearing Pack) for M32 and M20 gearboxes with early end ca..

Ex Tax: £165.00

Bearing Kit Complete for M32 M20 Gearbox Later Type

M32 / M20 Gearbox Rebuild Kit (M32 Bearing Pack) for M32 and M20 gearboxes with later end case alrea..

Ex Tax: £95.00

Differential Bearing - M32 Gearbox

Differential Bearing for M32 gearbox. Ideal for install of ATB LSD into M32 gearbox. Manufactur..

Ex Tax: £30.00

Differential OE M32

Standard OE Factory Differential for M32 6 speed gearbox. Suitable for ALL M32 gearbox applicat..

Ex Tax: £125.00

Driveshaft Oil Seal - M32 Gearbox

Genuine Driveshaft Oil Seal/Gearbox Oil Seal for the M32 Gearbox.2 required per gearbox..

Ex Tax: £7.25

Elbow Connector M32 6 Speed

Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Bleed Elbow Connector for M32 6 Speed Gearbox..

Ex Tax: £8.41

End Case Revised and 3 Larger Bearings for M32 M20 Gearbox

Revised Later End Case and 3 Larger Bearings for M32 / M20 Gearbox. This is a later type G..

Ex Tax: £169.50

Gearbox Breather Kit - M32 Astra H

This Alloy breather tank and fitting kit is designed to eliminate oil loss due to excessive gearbox ..

Ex Tax: £107.50

Gearbox M32 Z20LER 3.941FD (Z20LEH)

Brand New M32 Gearbox Assembly. Final Drive (3.941) M32/Z20LER Astra H SRi/Lotus Europa SM32/Z2..

Ex Tax: £900.00

Gearbox Plug (M32) Magnetic Gold Plug M18 x 1.5 (Short)

Gold Plug Magnetic Gearbox Oil Drain Plug - M32 Gearbox.M18 x 1.5 for M32 Gearbox. Shorter Plug Desi..

Ex Tax: £12.96

Gearbox Plug Washer M32 Gold Plug M18 x 26

Copper Washer/Sealing Ring M18 for Magnetic Gold Plug as used in M32 Gearboxes.For Many Vauxhall/Ope..

Ex Tax: £1.00

Millers CRX 75w-90 NT+ Transmission Oil 1L

Description Competition fully synthetic transmission oil. A blend of full synthetic base oils inc..

Ex Tax: £14.96

Seal M32 Differential Bearing Flange

Differential Bearing Flange Seal for M32 Gearbox. 1 per gearbox. Suggestion is this seal i..

Ex Tax: £2.00

Shim M32 Gearbox Late Type 0.85mm-1.45mm

Shim for M32 Late Type End Case.To ensure correct shimming of the gearbox when fitting the later end..

Ex Tax: £2.00
Please Note: Plugs are listed individually.The Best Plugs to use for 1.6 Turbo (Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER..
Ex Tax: £6.88
Self Adhesive Courtenay Sport Splat! Gel Dome Resin Raised Bubble Badge. In Black with the..
Ex Tax: £1.50
Damper/Shock Absorber Securing Top Ring/Clip for Astra H and Zafira B - ALL Models. Secures the top ..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Flywheel Retaining bolts M9x23 for Z16LEx A16LEx B16LEx Engines.Six Required Per Car..
Ex Tax: £1.29
Description FOR USE WITH PLATE TYPE LSDs e.g. DREXLERCompetition fully synthetic transmission oil. ..
Ex Tax: £16.63
Black Plastic Oil Filler Cap. Replaces existing yellow cap where fitted. OE to some later Vauxhall m..
Ex Tax: £2.63
Genuine Original Equipment Vauxhall/Opel Fuel Pump Assembly.Includes plastic fuel pump housing and O..
Ex Tax: £137.50
REAR EBC Disc and Pad Kit - Corsa D 264mm 5 StudAn OEM EBC disc and pad kit for the rear comprising ..
Ex Tax: £72.00
FULL VEHICLE KIT FRONT and REAR EBC Disc and Pad Kit - Corsa D 1.6 TurboFront: 308mm Vented Rear: 26..
Ex Tax: £175.00
FRONT EBC Disc and Pad Kit - Corsa D 308mm 5 Stud 1.6 Turbo (NOT Nurburgring/Clubsport)An OEM qualit..
Ex Tax: £103.00
EBC Plain Front Disc 305mm x 28mm for Corsa D VXR Nürburgring and Clubsport with factory Brembo Cali..
£237.60 £198.00
Ex Tax: £165.00
REAR EBC Disc and Yellowstuff Pad Kit - Astra G / Astra H 264mm 5 StudAn OEM EBC disc and pad kit fo..
Ex Tax: £99.00