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Clutch Fast Road - Cavalier Calibra C20LET

Fast road clutch with increased clamping pressure will withstand increases in power and torque, with..

Ex Tax: £175.00

Clutch OEM - Astra F Cavalier Calibra C20XE from Eng No: 14128449

OEM clutch.Suitable for Hydraulic and Cable operated clutches. Includes thrust bearing for cable ope..

Ex Tax: £202.50

Clutch OEM - Cavalier Calibra C25XE

OEM clutch.Includes thrust bearing for cable operated clutches.Applications:For C25XE with F25 gearb..

Ex Tax: £182.50

Clutch Retaining Bolt - C20LET C20XE

Clutch Cover to Flywheel Bolt (M7x22) for C20LET and C20XEPreviously: 900652946 Required per Clutch..

Ex Tax: £0.50

Clutch Uprated 228mm: Cover and 4 Paddle Disc - Cavalier/Calibra Turbo C20LET/F28

An uprated clutch cover and 4 paddle cera metallic sprung disc for C20LET applications using the F28..

Ex Tax: £467.11

Clutch Uprated 228mm: Cover and Organic Disc - Cavailier/Calibra Turbo C20LET/F28

An uprated clutch for C20LET applications using the F28 gearbox. Different from the fast road item d..

Ex Tax: £435.61

Flywheel Bolt - C20LET C20XE

Flywheel Retaining Bolt M10 x 25 for C20LET and C20XE Flywheels. 8 Required Per Engine..

Ex Tax: £1.00

Flywheel Bolt - V6 X25XE Y26SE C25XE

Flywheel Retaining Bolt M10 x 25 (Slim Head Type)Vectra B V6 X25XE, Y26SE, X30XE (FWD) and Y32SE (FW..

Ex Tax: £1.00

Lightweight Flywheel: C20LET C20XE X20XER Pot Type

Lightweight flywheel precision CNC machined from billet steel, which due to its natural strength mea..

Ex Tax: £258.33

Lightweight Flywheel: Cavalier Calibra V6 X25XE/X30XE Y26SE/Y32SE

For the following engines: X25XE/Y26SE/X30XE/Y32SE FWD with F23/F25 gearbox.Our lightweight flywheel..

Ex Tax: £265.00

Vauxhall & Caterham 20XE Early Flat Type Billet Steel Flywheel Astra GTE Astra F GSi Cavalier GSi 16V

Early flat type of Flywheel for the 20XE & C20XE Lightweight flywheel precision CNC machine..

Ex Tax: £245.83
Please Note: Plugs are listed individually.The Best Plugs to use for 1.6 Turbo (Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Genuine OE Vauxhall/Opel Valve Stem Oil Seal.Vauxhall/Opel Part Number: 90410741For the Z20LEx famil..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Shim for M32 Late Type End Case.To ensure correct shimming of the gearbox when fitting the later end..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Uprated Exhaust Mount manufactured from a high temperature polyurethane material in red with a Shore..
Ex Tax: £9.00
Laser Iridium NGK manufactured Spark Plugs for 2.0 Turbo A20NFT[LHU] A..
Ex Tax: £12.00
NGK BKR7EIX Iridium Spark Plugs. Offer an enhanced spark over the standard items, and are 'cooler..
Ex Tax: £7.50
VX220 Astra Vectra Z22SE Genuine Vauxhall Opel Oil Pump assembly, Part Number 93166701Fits:VX220&nbs..
Ex Tax: £200.00
Genuine Vauxhall/Opel Corsa E Drop Link ( Damper to Anti Roll Bar)For ALL Corsa E Models Suppli..
Ex Tax: £20.00
Gates Cambelt Kit for Z20LET engines. This kit contains a cambelt, pullies, & water pump wi..
Ex Tax: £134.50
Genuine GM Big End Bearing Kit, Contains standard size bearing for 4 cond rods. Fits:  &nb..
Ex Tax: £32.00
Genuine GM Main Bearing Kit that includes 5 Standard size bearings one of which is the guide/ thrust..
Ex Tax: £36.50
10x Genuine GM Cylinder Head Bolts.Fits Models Astra J GTC VXR A2.0NFT (LHU) Astra J GTC V..
Ex Tax: £17.40