Courtenay Sport Stage 2 Mapping - Hyundai i30N

Courtenay Sport Stage 2 Mapping - Hyundai i30N
Courtenay Sport Stage 2 Mapping - Hyundai i30N

Stage 2 Tuning  for i30N and N Performance:

Stage 2 is quite a broad range really and is anything above a standard car short of changing the original factory turbo.

As all our maps are custom written to the car and it’s modifications along with the grade of fuel it runs (97 or 99 octane) you can present it with a few mods and or as many as you like. That said to get the best out of Stage 2 its certainly a good idea to have an Uprated Intercooler, Sports Exhaust, GPF and or cat delete all of which we can supply.

We carry out a full engine diagnostic test first. Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is written and installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows with full data-logging and map optimisation.  

In our software we re-write the coding so that the engine management light will not come on for either GPF delete and cat delete. 

For best results we recommend using 99 octane such as Shell V Power or Tesco Momentum however as we map to suit your car as its presented on the day we can also map the car to suit 97 Octane  BP Ultimate or Esso Synergy Supreme +

Gains ultimately depend on level of modifications for example:

Flex pipe and GPF delete typical 307-310Bhp

Full cat back exhaust 310-314 Bhp

Full exhaust Intercooler front sports cat or cat delete 325 to 330 Bhp. At this power the original standard factory turbo is working at the limit of what it can flow.

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