Brake Disc Set Front EBC 2 Piece Floating Bell Upgrade 355mm - Astra J VXR

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EBC 355mm Fully Floating Disc

2 x Fully Floating Brake Disc and Bell Assemblies


Direct Replacement EBC Fully Floating Brake Disc Set Up.

G3500 Disc Alloy Friction Rings.

All rotor outer rings are cast from the highest-grade disc alloy ‘G3500’. Derived from race technology and with a high carbon and copper metallurgy, G3500 disc alloy has excellent thermal conductivity and heat cycling durability for maximum brake rotor performance. When tested against the recently introduced and extremely harsh ‘Reg 90’ dynamometer routine, EBC’s 2-piece floating discs completed two full test cycles back-to-back with no disc cracking and no disc crazing whatsoever. To put this into perspective, most OE discs fail half way through the R90 routine at stop 80 of 150.
EBC’s G3500 disc rings exceed the spec of all OEM spec 2-piece rotors, these rotors have been tested to withstand hundreds of hours of even the harshest track driving. However, these rotors are not a track only product. Features such as anodised hubs, stainless hardware and the incorporation of anti-rattle clips mean these rotors are road friendly, making them the perfect choice for customers who enjoy track days but also drive their cars on public highway.

48 Curved Vanes

All discs feature 48 curved vanes and are handed left/right, ensuring the disc always rotates in the correct direction giving maximum cooling efficiency. On many of today’s vehicles the curved vanes rotate backwards on one side of the vehicle, which results in a higher disc temperature and a temperature imbalance left to right.

Aerospace Grade Aluminium Bells

Mounting bells are precision machined from a billet of aerospace grade aluminium. The bells are subsequently black anodised, providing an aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant finish.

Stainless-Steel Drive Bobbins

EBC’s patented SD-Drive™ bobbins are each machined from a single piece of stainless-steel. Unlike most competitor bobbins that are machined from steel and then zinc plated, EBC’s 100% stainless bobbins can never rust. Not only does this ensure EBC’s 2-piece discs look great for years to come, but the elimination of corrosion around the drive bobbins ensures that the rotor continues to float freely throughout its entire projected lifespan, providing a robust and low maintenance solution to rotor radial heat expansion.

Fully Floating Design

EBC’s 2-piece rotors feature a ‘float-in-disc’ design whereby parallel slots in the cast iron friction ring allow for up to 3mm of radial expansion. This unlocks the full performance potential of a 2-piece rotor design, unlike many competitors who offer 2-piece ‘bolted’ brake rotors or ‘semi-floating’ designs which only permit a fraction of the required thermal expansion. Not only are EBC 2-piece discs ‘fully floating’, but the fact the float is achieved using a ‘float-in-disc’ design means any wear occurs in the much harder cast iron ring itself i.e the component which becomes worn anyway from normal braking. This means the aluminium disc bells can be retained for multiple outer friction rings, meaning only the outer ring needs be replaced after a period of use, leading to significantly lower long-term running costs.

Silent Operation

Finally, every drive bobbin assembly features a spring clip to prevent any disc rattle. This means the discs are totally silent in operation and can be used on the public roads.

Fitment: Astra J VXR Front

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Diameter 355mm x 32mm
Information Fully Floating Disc

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