Intercooler Kit Courtenay Sport - Corsa D VXR

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Intercooler Kit Courtenay Sport - Corsa D VXR

1 x Full Height Front Mount Intercooler
4 x 90 degree silicone hoses
2 x 90 degree alloy joiner pipes

In house fitting from £237.60

Proudly made in England by Pro Alloy Motorsport Exclusively for Courtenay Sport

In our approach to the Corsa D VXR intercooler we had to consider two areas; maximising the cooling efficiency through improved design and size whilst not detracting from the engine water temperature control capability. It's no big secret that the Corsa D VXR’s engine runs quite hot. Typically on a 16 degree day it will cruise at 96/97 degrees C. Whist this is fine for the standard car, it is not what we want from a more powerful, tuned engine. Heat is not good for power. The thermostat has an opening temperature of 92 degrees which is consistent with all performance Vauxhalls of the last decade, so the fact that the car will not maintain this 92 degrees at cruise suggest that we have an air flow issue. For the above reason it was imperative for us not to start by masking the water radiator (which is situated behind the intercooler) with any solid matter. This is why in this installation we have chosen to not to go with a diagonal flow intercooler as any minimal increase in performance would have been to the greater cost of water temperature control, through complicated solid pipes or air masking intercooler end tanks.

The front end design lends itself well to a core that maximises frontal area, tall and wide, rather than short and deep. So this is the route we have taken.Furthermore, selecting a core that provides excellent intercooling heat transfer whist not being so dense to restrict onward air flow to water radiator was vital. The Corsa D VXR remember is only a 1.6, so in order to achieve 192 bhp it requires quite a high boost pressure and once remapped the boost is higher still.

With this in mind the kit comes with new silicone pipes increased in size from 50 to 60mm. These pipes are not only stronger but improve the air flow to and from the intercooler. Finally you will see from the pictures that we have also added air flow deflector guides to the bottom, sides and lower rear of the intercooler; the rear to seal where the original factory cooler has been removed. These guides are fitted to direct the air flow back through the radiator maximising its cooling effect, as air being air will always take the easier route which is in this case washing sideways past the back of the fog lamps and away under the bumper. The guides stop this from happening.

Intercooler Test Results:
Standard Intercooler on a run from 40 to 106 mpho
Uprated Intercooler on a run from 40 to 106 mpho

Avg Max Temp
61 oC
33 oC

Avg Temp Rise
37 oC
07 oC

The Courtenay Sport Intercooler comes complete with all the required fittings and hoses to suit. FMIC

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