Uprated Alloy Water Radiator - Vectra C VXR

Special Order Uprated Alloy Water Radiator Vectra VXR
Uprated Alloy Water Radiator Vectra VXR

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Proudly made in England by Pro Alloy Motorsport Exclusively for Courtenay Sport

Vectra C VXR Uprated Enlarged Water Radiator.

Our Water radiator is enlarged both in height and depth over the factory item and it has a more efficient core complete with alloy end tanks and retains the original fixings for the all pipe work and the fan.

Please Note: Not suitable for Automatic models.

After having developed both the Intercooler and water radiator, with further testing over 4000 miles and in varying temperatures, it became apparent that although the inlet air temps had been reduced (and were shown to be excellent and stable), the water temperature was actually more significant to the car’s sustained performance than that of the intercooler, even in day to day running. This finding changed our development cycle to concentrate further efforts on the water radiator and the ancillaries.

Our further investigations found that the “turbo water return pipe” was placing super heated water directly into the expansion tank (we are sure you have seen a glowing orange turbo). This super heated water is in turn being fed back into the engine block. By developing a modified return feed to the expansion tank (still using the original feeds but re plumbed), temperatures of the water were reduced to those of the water radiator and not super heated from the turbo itself. This development has ensured that the recovery time of the water, after high speed driving, is reduced significantly. Also during constant and steady motorway driving the water temperatures stabilised at between 87-89 degrees. Furthermore the engine warms up from cold at the same rate, until the thermostat opens and then the water is regulated by the larger water radiator and special expansion tank return.

By developing the water radiator as a primary component, and to ensure that in day to day driving the water temperatures are kept as low as possible in the confines of the thermostat, once high power outputs are released then these can be supported with the confidence of reliable sustained performance. Furthermore, we consider that for a stage one re-map the water radiator benefits the car significantly more than the Intercooler does on its own, after all there is little point in having an engine package with a thumping great intercooler resulting in 150% efficiency on inlet air temperature and only 80% efficiency on water temperature.

As standard cars run high water temperatures, owners of these cars are also likely to benefit from the reduced the water temperatures, resulting in more sustained performance levels.

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