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Crankcase Ventilation Pipe GT V Band

Breather Tube/Crankcase Ventilation Pipe for use with the Courtenay-Klasen cast exhaust manifold Z20..

£35.00 Ex Tax: £29.17

Downpipe 3" Z20LEx V Band

3" Stainless Steel Downpipe for use with our V Band Cast Exhaust Manifold Z20LEX-GT-VBand Conversion..

£235.00 Ex Tax: £195.83

Exhaust Manifold Z16LEH 1.6 Turbo for K04 K06

Courtenay Sport high flow Z16LEH exhaust manifold for All Z16LEx/A16LEx Engines.This cast manifold i..

£915.00 Ex Tax: £762.50

Exhaust Manifold Z20LEx V Band GTxx

Exhaust Manifold with V Band Flange to fit Garrett GT turbo to Z20LEx 2.0 Turbo engine.For significa..

£599.00 Ex Tax: £499.17

Front Pipe/Downpipe 3" - Vectra C 2.8T inc VXR

Downpipe/Front Pipe (Pre Cat Removal Pipe) for Vectra C 2.8T inc VXRStainless Steel 3"/76mm Pre Cat ..

£325.00 Ex Tax: £270.83

Heatshield Z20LEx Garrett

Heatshield for Garrett Conversions to protect the plastic cylinder head / cam cover from radiated he..

£25.50 Ex Tax: £21.25

High Flow Inlet Manifold - Z20LEx

High Flow Inlet Manifold designed for ALL Z20LEx petrol turbo engines 1351The Courtenay Klasen High ..

£500.00 Ex Tax: £416.67

High Flow Inlet Manifold and Plenum - Z20LEx

High Flow Inlet Manifold and High Flow Plenum designed for ALL Z20LEx petrol turbo engines 1351PLThe..

£562.00 Ex Tax: £468.33

Intake Pipe 3" for Garrett Install

3" Stainless Steel Inlet Pipe, finished in Black, for use with GT28 and GT30 turbo conversion with 3..

£260.00 Ex Tax: £216.67

Oil Feed and Drain Z20LEx Garrett

Oil Feed and Drain Pipes for Garrett Conversion.Kit includes: -Steel Braided Oil Feed PipeOil Inlet ..

£105.00 Ex Tax: £87.50

Uprated Klasen Camshafts (2) Z20LEx Garrett

Two Uprated Klasen Spec Camshafts for Z20LEx engines with Garrett big power conversions.Developed wi..

£615.00 Ex Tax: £512.50

Z20GenX Integral Exhaust Manifold For Z20LET Z20LEL Z20LER Z20 LEH

Z20GenX Integral exhaust manifold for Z20LET Z20LEL Z20LER Z20LEH engines, the ultimate plug and pla..

£799.00 Ex Tax: £665.83