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Recirculation Valve Uprated Forge - Z16LEx A16LEx Z20LEx A20NFT

Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM valve which is prone to failure when the engine has bee..

£156.00 Ex Tax: £130.00

Blank Alloy 25mm DV Blank

Alloy Blanking Piece machined from Billet Aluminium. 25mm Blanking Piece for Blanking Dump Valve (DV..

£10.80 Ex Tax: £9.00

Forge Induction Kit - Hyundai i30N i30N Gen 2 Kona

Forge Motorsport aftermarket cold air intake system improves your i30N’s airflow in several key ways..

£360.00 Ex Tax: £300.00

Forge Motorsport Recirculation Valve Service Kit

Service Kit for the Forge motorsport Recirculation Valve. FMDVSK-K04SContains 5 x O Rings and 1 x Ru..

£16.70 Ex Tax: £13.92

Forge Recirculation Valve - Hyundai i30N

Recirculation and Atmospheric Valve for Hyundai i30N and i30N Performance. FMDV20The Forge Motorspor..

£190.80 Ex Tax: £159.00

Forge Turbo Inlet Adaptor for 4" Inlet - Hyundai i30N

Turbo Inlet Adaptor for 4" Inlet designed to replace the restrictive factory inlet.Up to 10bhp gain ..

£151.39 Ex Tax: £126.16

Recirculation Valve Spring - K03/K04/K06 Forge Recirc Valve

Replacement Spring for K03/K04/K06 In Turbo Forge Alloy Aftermarket Recirculation Valve. Valve ..

£8.35 Ex Tax: £6.96

Forge Intercooler for the Hyundai i30N Gen 2

The Forge intercooler helps keep the IATS a safe level and prevent the stock ecu from pulling out th..

£661.26 Ex Tax: £551.05

Forge Multi Application Oil Cap

This billet aluminium oil cap will replace your OEM one, leaving your engine bay with a premium..

£40.10 Ex Tax: £33.42

Forge Oil Cooler Kit for Hyundai i30N

Developed from our direct involvement within the BTCC and Mini Challenge race series where we have p..

£556.96 Ex Tax: £464.13

Forge Oil Cooler Kit for Hyundai i30N Gen 2

Forge Motorsport is proud to release an oil cooler kit for the Hyundai i30N MK3.5. This oil cooler r..

£507.56 Ex Tax: £422.97

Forge Short and Side Shifter for Hyundai i30N and Veloster N

Hyundai i30N and Veloster N short shifter and side shifter set.The i30N and Veloster N are both..

£111.36 Ex Tax: £92.80

Forge Uprated Intercooler for Hyundai i30N

If you use a i30N for fast road or have a high performance tune in a hot climate, this product ..

£679.99 Ex Tax: £566.66

Hyundai i20N Brake Lines

A set of 4 ultra-high performance brake lines for the Hyundai i20N. These are a direct replacem..

£98.83 Ex Tax: £82.36